Siemens is building the tram factory in Turkey

Siemens is building the tram factory in Turkey to invest in growing urban public transport market, Siemens is establishing a new tram factory in Gebze. The company is in a more advantageous position in the localized production and supply chain and procurement process for both international orders in Turkey is aiming to control costs significantly. The rail systems industry is increasingly dependent on international production networks. This is especially true for the tram market, which is faced with changing competition conditions. engaged in project-based partnerships with local manufacturers Siemens partner in Turkey, the production of the first vehicle in the new factory plans to the beginning of 2018. Siemens' new factory, which next year will celebrate its 160 years in Turkey, will be implemented with an investment of around 30 million euros.

The annual growth rate of the urban public transport sector is currently around 3 percent. In addition to known manufacturers, many new suppliers from Eastern Europe and Asia are also joining the tram market, and these suppliers can turn lower production costs into an advantage. Many suppliers serving the world market have production facilities outside of Western Europe. Siemens also aims to secure the competitiveness of the local supply chain and tram market with its own factory in Turkey. developing modern vehicle platforms in recent years, successfully serving the market from Siemens Rail Systems Division Manager Jochen Eickholt, regarding the new Siemens factory established in Turkey; “Our Avenio series trams have proven their success in many countries. Now, we aim to strengthen this success in the global market. This target is the best way here, we believe that we managed our factory in Turkey, "he said.

Making a statement on the subject, Siemens Turkey, Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis the transport sector stating that one of the areas with high growth potential in the near future of Turkey "High-speed trains and light rail our growth in the transport area we need corporate strategy, especially for systems several We planned it to be realized in phase. This factory constitutes the first phase of this strategy. Next year we will celebrate our 160 years in Turkey and we are happy to Siemens will continue to add value to such a significant investment of Turkey's economy. The vehicles to be produced in our factory to be established will be used in many countries both in our country and abroad. Our factory will be an important production center for Siemens Transportation Department and will create additional added value for our country with export revenues ”.



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