Regulation on Bosphorus and İzmit Bay Ship Passage

Arrangement for Bosphorus and Izmit Bay Ship Crossings: The “additional transition conditions” of the ships with an air draft between 54-58 meters, which will pass through the Bosphorus and the Gulf Crossing Bridge in Izmit Bay, will be determined by the General Directorate of Sea and Inland Waters Regulation.

The Regulation on the Amendment to the Ports Regulation was published in the Official Gazette.

According to this, the captain is obliged to take over the vessels for very frequent maneuvering ships such as refueling ships and waste reception ships.

The tug number and power required to be used by the high maneuverable passenger ships were regulated and the tug exemption was granted while the captain limit for the yachts was taken down.

The “additional transition conditions” to be passed through the Bosphorus and under the Gulf Crossing Bridge located in the Gulf of Izmit, between 54-58 meters and the redundant ships will be determined by the Administration, not by the commission.

In the previous application, ships and boats with an air take-off from the Bosphorus between 54-58 meters and an aerial take-off from the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge between 56-60 meters were able to cross the Bosphorus on the condition that they were accompanied by tugboats in the number and power determined by the commission established by the port authority. .

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