Eurasia Tunnel Will Be Launched at 2016 Year

The Eurasia Tunnel will be opened at the end of the 2016 Year.

The drilling process has been completed in the Eurasia Tunnel project, which will be the first in the world by connecting Asia and Europe by underwater road.

Transportation, Shipping and Communications Minister Feridun Bilgin stated that the tunnel will be opened at the end of 2016 and the journey between Europe and Asia will be only 15 minutes thanks to Eurasia Tunnel.

Within the context of the Avraya Tunnel project, the studies were carried out on the connection roads.

The Eurasia Tunnel project, which is among the best engineering projects in the world, is realized with 1 billion 245 million dollars with Build-Operate-Transfer model and it should be opened in August.

However, due to the fact that the studies are in front of the work schedule, they are planned to be completed and opened earlier.

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