Denizli Bağbaşı Plateau competes with the cable car

Denizli Bağbaşı Plateau is competing with the cable car: Denizli is talking about the cable car project, which has been served by the Metropolitan Municipality for 38 million liras. As far as the cable car that makes the city watch the sky; thousand 400 high altitude plateau facilities attract attention.

The cable car line and the resting facilities of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's Bağbaşı Plateau are finally in service after a long wait. In fact, this critical project will be one of the important building blocks of urban memory. It has long been on the agenda due to its duration, location and scope. However, the ropeway project, about 4 days, never occupied the first row of such unspoken agenda.

The project, which was put into service at the end of a year and a half of work, is another surprise address for the city, especially with the highland recreation facility built of tree houses on Bağbaşı Plateau. kazannagged. As of Saturday, people from Denizli, who flocked to the cable car by forming huge queues, enter the race to look at the city from the sky, while the rest and accommodation facilities built on the plateau are also surprising. Hundreds of people form long queues at the lower station in Bağbababaşı. Denizli people are willing to wait in line for hours to get on the cable car before everyone else and for free.

Those who don't have a special vehicle can reach the cable car via 22 bus or Bağbaşı minibuses. The cable car journey starts in Bağbaşı, where the citizens mostly use the picnic area as a city forest. Two stations were installed for the cable car. Substation annex building covers 650 square meters, 650 square meter area of ​​sub-station cabin part. The upper station in Bağbaşı Plateau was built on a square meter of 2 bin 260. The length of the rope between the upper and lower stations is a thousand 468 meters. The upper station also features cafes and terraces. Passengers are transported by 24 cabin.

The visitors of Bağbaşı Plateau meet the highland facilities with an area of ​​185 bin 850 square consisting of restaurants, bungalows and wooden houses, a tent camp area, a children's playground, a tents and green areas. The trails were created for those wishing to march in the area.

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