Work continues on Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge Project

Work is continuing at the Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge Project: Feasibility studies have been initiated for the longest suspension bridge in the world, which is planned to be built in Çanakkale Strait.

The bridge, which is planned to be built between the Lapseki district of Çanakkale, Şekerkaya and Gelibolu district, Sütlüce, is thought to break the record of the Akashi Strait Bridge in Hyogo, the world's longest bridge.

Providing information about the construction phase of the bridge, the construction of which was started in Çanakkale, Lapseki Mayor Eyüp Yılmaz said, “We learned from the authorities that we will descend 150-200 meters below sea level. Currently, ground surveys are being carried out both at sea and on land. The first study for the bridge legs is now a ground survey. The width of the Bosphorus, where the bridge will be built, will be entered by 3 meters and 600 meters by land. There will be a hanging section in 800 thousand 3 meters. Our MPs follow the matter closely and inform us. ”

Noting that there is a vehicle density that takes days to pass from Anatolia to Europe, President Yılmaz said, “Our citizens are waiting for hours to cross. With the bridge construction, this problem will disappear. We are already taking our measures in the district for the population density of the bridge to be built as a municipality. We are about to bring natural gas, we handled the drinking water problem for 30-40 years, sewage treatment is under construction. We are making our plans according to 30 years later. ”

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