Austria stops trains to Germany until October 12

Austria stopped trains to Germany until 12 October: Austrian State Railways reported that train flights to Germany via Salzburg were mutually stopped until 12 October.

In the statement made by the Austrian State Railways, it was stated that Germany demanded the stopping of trains due to the increasing refugee problem and within this scope, train services between Salzburg and Germany were suspended until October 12.

The statement said, "We have received an order from the German authorities to suspend the train services between Salzburg and Germany until at least 12 October".

On September 15, Germany temporarily suspended the trains from Salzburg to prevent the influx of refugees.

Asylum seekers crossing into Austria via Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia want to reach Germany by trains via Salzburg.

Authorities state that approximately 170 asylum seekers entered Austria in the last month and went to Germany by trains.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:57

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