OIZ and logistics base will be established in Yalova

OIZ and logistics base will be established in Yalova: A new organized industrial zone and logistics base, which is a candidate to become the investment center of the region, is being established at the heart of new transportation networks in Yalova.

A huge industrial leap is being made in Yalova, the rapidly developing and appreciating province of the Marmara Region. Thanks to the new organized industrial zone and logistics base to be established, Yalova will become the organized industrial and logistics base of the Marmara Region. The project, which will be installed in the center of Yalova, Turkey's leading industrialists and investors in the Middle East and will bring together Europe's leading foreign investors. The project, which is expected to increase land prices in the region, has been designed by examining many industrial projects in the world.

In the project, where all infrastructure systems are created and there is no license or development problem, all plan and security procedures are approved. The project, which will be established at the center of the intercity roads, is expected to increase the square meter unit prices, which continue international transportation areas and projects.

The project includes highway projects, housing projects, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels and port projects that are under construction, and the industrialist involved in the project is offering physical facilities for production, finance and transportation.



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