Büyükakin will be in contact with bar owners

Büyükakin will be in contact with bar owners: Bar owners who will be demolished due to the passing of the tram through Ankara Avenue met with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Tahir Büyükakın. Mr. Büyükakin said he would have contacts for the elimination of grievances of the bar owners.

Due to the Tramway Project of the Metropolitan Municipality, it was decided to break down the total 12 space at Bars Street. The members of the Kocaeli Entertainment Center Investors Association (KEYDER), which was established by the residents of the Bars Street, had prepared an appropriate project in the free space behind the Interteks Fair Area instead of the planned enterprises. Taking the project with them, the owners of the bar, who visited the Mayor of Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, faced a great disappointment. In the area where the project is located, Naila Café, Tire Work Social Facilities and many more permits to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Karaosmanoğlu said, Büyük The area you are preparing is not in compliance with the Coastal Edge Law. If you'il excuse me, I'm on trial. Find another place for yourself Kendiniz. Bar owners also visited the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın.

KEYDER President Yusuf Ziya Tom, board members Space Yıldırım, Timuçin Sayıner and Hasan Tahsin Aydınlar visited the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın with their projects. Association President Yusuf Ziya Tom reiterated that the area behind Interteks Fairground is suitable for the project. Büyükakın said that the creation of a project in this area was against the Coastal Edge Law. However, he said he would make contacts in order to eliminate the grievances of the bar owners who will be the victims in the Tramway Project. Bar owners emphasized that they will not step back on the project and will not allow the workplaces to collapse without fulfilling their requests.

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