Vienna railway stations have turned into refugee camps

📩 29/11/2018 19:52

Vienna train stations have turned into refugee camps: hundreds of asylum seekers who arrive in Austria's capital Vienna lie in the train stations.

Asylum seekers crossing from Hungary to Austria started to come to Vienna from the camps in the town of Nickelsdorf. After the bus services are stopped, the refugees continue to reach the train stations in Vienna with their own means. Train stations have turned into refugee camps due to the increasing concentration of refugees. The number of asylum seekers arriving at the Westbanhof and Haufbanhof train stations reached approximately 2.

While the refugees who flock to the station to go to Germany cause congestion, the exhausted refugees lie on the ground.

Austrian State Railways provide controlled trains to prevent refugees from crossing into Germany. Asylum seekers are not allowed to buy tickets or take trains.

The Austrian government, unable to find a place to accommodate asylum seekers, does not make the refugees stay in the stations.

Authorities say they estimate that 20 refugees from Hungary crossed to Austria in the past two days.

On the other hand, the Austrian Ministry of Interior announced that they will conduct more stringent border controls to stop the asylum seekers from the Hungarian border.

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