'Golden Award' at TürkTraktör International ARC Awards kazanoutside

'Golden Award' at TürkTraktör International ARC Awards kazandı : TürkTraktör was awarded the Gold Award at the International ARC Awards with its 60 Annual Report, prepared under the concept of “Economy Magazine” in the 2014th anniversary of its establishment.

Turkey has added a new name to the awards received by leaders TürkTraktör prepare the annual reports of the agricultural sector.

The most prestigious design and creativity awards in the world with its 2011 Annual Report design. kazanTürkTraktör won the Gold Award at the International ARC Awards with its 2014 Annual Report design.

  1. 'Economy Magazine' concept report prepared first year brought first prize

With the 60 Annual Report prepared specifically for the 2014th anniversary of Daniska Ajans and TürkTraktör, TürkTraktör represented Turkey in the international arena in the most successful way and won the first prize. kazanwas.

2014 Annual Report; TürkTraktör institutions from the scope of the contributions it has made to Turkey's economy with successful work he has done since 'Economic Journal' was prepared by the concept.

Just like in an economy magazine, the Turkish Tractor 2014 Annual Report, which is all prepared with a special drawing and page design, is the 26 this year by the Mercomm Corporation, an international and independent evaluation agency based in the United States. Best 1 in the International ARC Awards, Non-Traditional Annual Report. Design selected.

One of the main categories of 27 is the Non-Traditional Annual Report, which includes finance, construction, production, logistics, telecom and agriculture. Public and private organizations, non-profit organizations and various associations can participate in the competition.

TürkTraktör 57th Anniversary Symphony themed report also awarded 2 awards kazanhad

TürkTraktör, '57. The 2011 Annual Report prepared by the sah Symphony of the Year ıyla became the world's most prestigious design and creativity awards.

TürkTraktör's 2011 annual report; Bronze award in the "Automotive Sector" and "General Evaluation" categories at the International ARC Awards kazanhad been.

'57. The Year Symphony iyi themed design is also one of the world's longest-running marketing and design competitions. the design was awarded the ık Silver Award..

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