Trolleybus Operators Will Meet in Malatya

Trolleybus Operators Will Meet in Malatya: Trolleybus operators from different countries will meet at the International Trolleybus Workshop to be held in Malatya.

Turkey's domestic TRAMBUS tools, will be presented to an international delegation in Malatya.

first Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, offered by local TRAMBUS in Turkey, International Union of Public Transport (UITP) will be issued showcased at the workshop will be organized on 1-2 October.

Public transport sector in the world's largest non-governmental organization indicated that the UITP, the scope of the project in Malatya TRAMBUS offered to serve as the first domestic production in Turkey will organize a workshop.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Inc. (MOTAŞ) will host the workshop, and the company producing the trambuses put into service in Malatya will also support.

Trolleybus operators and senior public transport officials from different countries, from Germany to Saudi Arabia, from Latin America to England, will participate in the international workshop, which will be organized to promote the city's tram system and to discuss the trolleybus systems already in the world and the future of the public transportation sector.

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