Graffiti on silos after trains

Graffiti on the silos after the trains: After the trains in the historical Haydarpaşa Station, which has been idle for 3 years, the graffitists are now based on the Soil Material Office (TMO) silos.

The top part of the silos which are located in the area under the responsibility of TCDD Haydarpaşa was painted by graffiti. The silos that were put into service in 1905 were closed for use within the scope of Haydarpaşa Port project.

24 hours of security and watched the cameras in the area of ​​graffiti by waving his arms in his hands after painting the train in the silos graffiti silos left a question mark in mind.
Luminous million TL worth of trains in the graffiti to be made and decayed to bring to the agenda, but TCDD management had no sound.

Last year Kadıköy His municipality had planned a similar project for the Turkish Grain Board silos and presented it to TCDD management, inspired by the revival of silos with graffies in Canada. But TCDD Kadıköy He responded negatively to this project of his municipality. Now, graffiti is being smuggled into the silos.

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