Tramway Construction Site Closes City Market

Construction of the Tramway Construction Closed the City Market: Within the scope of the tram project "Akçaray", which is planned to be carried out in order to ease the transportation in the city, which is among the local election promises of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, it started to set up the construction site behind the bus station.

Izmit City Market was closed by the municipal teams. Pazarcı tradesmen in front of the AK Party City Building to protest his troubles.

In Kocaeli, it is planned to carry passengers at the end of 2016 within the scope of the tram project, which is planned to be solved in order to solve the traffic problem in the city. As part of the project, the construction of the construction site was started within the scope of the tram works behind Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal, and the marketers in Izmit City Market were emptied by the municipality and police teams early in the morning and the market was closed.


The rebellious marketers protested in front of the AK Party Provincial Building because they were evacuated from the marketplace without giving them any information and showing the place. Riot Police Team took extensive security measures in front of AK Party Provincial Building. Hıfzı Uysaloğlu, one of the market tradesmen who said that the municipality closed the market without showing them a place, said, “We were removed from our place by the police and municipal teams without any notification to us. People here are struggling just to earn bread money. Why do they make these people victim? We just want to show the market place for tradesmen who are trades here. ”


Saying that they met their family's livelihood from the market, Ceylan Köse said, “We have been doing marketing business since we were born. We earn our child's bread money from the market. They threw us out of the market. Where do we market? They don't show the place either, and they say the market is closed. How are we going to feed our child's belly? ” said. Marketers said they would wait in front of the AK Party Provincial Building until they were shown.

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