No train has passed from Ceylanpınar for a year

There has been no train passing from Ceylanpınar for a year: The train services have been canceled in Ceylanpınar district of Şanlıurfa since the clashes in Kobani, Syria.

After the clashes in Kobani, Syria last year, the train has not passed through Ceylanpınar for a year due to the security problem at the border.

One of the symbols of Ceylanpınar, Ceylanpınar Train Station has been quiet for a year. Ceylanpınar people cannot travel to Gaziantep and Nusaybin by train due to stopping train services due to security at the border.

While the fate of the trains between Gaziantep and Nusaybin will not be known for now, considering that the events continue in Syria, it is predicted that the train services will not start for a long time.

In addition, it is wondered whether there will be a disruption in the high-speed train project planned to be transported from Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa and Mardin to Habur Border Gate, which was announced in the previous months.

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