Trabzona do not make rail

Trabzona do not make rail: Trabzon Municipality former President Orhan Karakullukçu yesterday, attended the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Advisory Board Meeting made important statements about the railroad. Expressing that the railway is a pacifier given to the mouth of Trabzon since Atatürk's era, Karakullukçu said, ağz They do not make the railway for us. Railway is a nipple given to our mouth since the time of Atatürk. We're beating the water in the air by saying anda reminiscence üyor. It is very difficult to reach the railway due to our geographical structure and lack of activity in politics. Let everyone know this. Herkes


The most important and vital project for Trabzon is the double road to Şanlıurfa. Karakullukçu said, “It is vital to make this double highway which will connect Trabzon to the GAP both securely and economically. This double road is more realistic than the railroad. It's faster than the railroad, more strategic. I insisted on time that I gave up on Tanjant Road, which had not been done since 20 years, but do it this way. But we're not bringing this up. We're beating the water in the air by saying anda reminiscence üyor. This is the subject to be insisted on. We need to talk about this in cafes, homes, the press. Kah

Karakullukçu stated that they had to transfer the production in the GAP to Trabzon and said, old GAP should go down to the 6 hour by motorway. The export door of the product should be in Trabzon. We can't get results from Trabzon if we don't get input from outside. With the money going out of the pocket of one of us, Trabzon does not become rich. Trade in Trabzon in this way is walking. Trabzon must be entered from here to enrich. This is by road, air, by sea. Uyla he said.


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