Mansion and Karşıyaka Greater Tramway Route

izmir tramline
izmir tramline

Mansion and Karşıyaka Metropolitan route was not determined by the company, but the tram route: Kocaoğlu, the change in the route of the tram was not connected to the preparation of the project in Izmir. But according to our research, the route is not determined by the company, but by the Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 4 on the Konak tram where it delivered the last year, Karşıyaka On the tram, he changed the route 3 times in a row. Not even a month has passed since the last revision of the Konak tram line, one of the arrival and departure tram lines going from the land side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard was shifted to the sea side, while the other remained on the land side. Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, attributed the route changes that occurred in the projects that were tendered and delivered to the contractor firm more than a year ago, that the companies preparing these projects were not from İzmir and did not know the city. Research conducted by Egeli Sabah revealed that the excuse put forward by Mayor Kocaoğlu regarding the successive route changes did not reflect the facts. Mansion and Karşıyaka He revealed that the route for trams was determined by the Izmir City Transport Master Plan, which was initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department in 2007 and approved and put into effect in 2009 by the Mayor Kocaoğlu, long before the project was put out to tender.


Yüksel Proje, which has signed the project tender with the Aegean City Planning Company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with many important projects in Turkey kazanwas. mansion and Karşıyaka The route of the tramway was determined by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, not Yüksel Proje, which drew the project. The route was made on the basis of the transportation master plan approved by Mayor Kocaoğlu. Transportation Master Plan studies, prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started in February 2007. During the studies, consultancy service was received from Dokuz Eylül University Engineering and Architecture Faculties and Pamukkale University Faculty of Engineering lecturers. The latest development has also refuted the statements of Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, which stated that 'companies that carry out such projects are not in Izmir' as an excuse for the revisions of the tram projects to be so many.

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