Images of the citizen returned from the dead in the wagon gap where he fell

Images of the citizen returned from the dead in the wagon gap in Izmir: Cigli district of Izmir while trying to take the train fell in the wagon and visually impaired visuals returned to the security camera reflected in the security camera emerged.
Since last May, İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System) is not a security officer at Çiğli Ata Sanayi stop, Salih Pelit, President of the Invisible Intellectuals Association, who fell into the gap between wagons while trying to ride İZBAN by himself,
Despite asking for help, passengers in the wagon fluttered for a while on a moving train. Pelit throwing himself to the platform without leaving the platform IZBAN Pelit, returned from the dead at the last moment. Karşıyaka Pelit, who filed a lawsuit against the 5 Criminal Court of First Instance, was found guilty in the 8 / 2 rate, while İZBAN was deemed defective in the 8 / 6 rate. Pelit's moments of horror, security cameras appeared in the images reflected.
İAVA reporter told the experience of the President of the Association who did not see the Salih Pelit, '' Sunday, the clock around 11.00 Konak come to the Çiği Ata Sanayi İZBAN stop. The security guard at the entrance stated that he was dealing with the alarm and declared that he could not help. 'Can you go yourself?' I said 'I'll go' I said. When I grabbed to take the train coming, I felt the door when I held the blank. When I took a step, I fell asleep. I realized I was between two wagons. I shouted "security" to get out. I've looked at no one. I started to pull myself out of the tires by throwing the materials out of my hand. And I didn't notice the train moving. When I pulled myself up, I realized the train was moving. I threw myself at the train when the train was fast. This fall on my knees and elbows were injured, '' he said.
After the incident, Mr. Pelit said that 1 did not complain about the month of İZBAN. But our good intentions were badly used by İZBAN authorities. When I go to the management at the end of the month 1 trains under the warranty, something can not be done, if necessary, people can die on this road, said the staff chief said, 'Then your children die.' We discussed. 'Is it bad when someone else is dying, while your own child dies?' I said. I complained after this incident from İZBAN. For this reason, I condemn İZBAN authorities and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Topic 5. At the Criminal Court of First Instance, the case was opened and there is an ongoing court to be seen, As he said.
One month ago, a visual accident in a similar accident, indicating that the visually impaired Pelit, '' İZBAN Cumaovasu stop Ali Güner visually held the tires between two wagons as I thought the door and entered. It falls down from there. When the train moves, it loses its life. İZBAN officials between the two wagons do not close the gap, security elements are missing from the subway, parallel lines at the İZBAN station is not accidents, "" he said.
İZBAN officials did not make any statement on the subject.

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