Escalator Failure Description of Marmaray Station from TCDD

Marmaray Station from TCDD Escalator Malfunction Description: by the General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, the Marmaray station in a written statement regarding the news for that operation of the escalator, "Marmaray Üsküdar Station an escalator technical units of control as a result of on the eastern bay of ' the chain was closed for security reasons because of rust and elongation ”.

by the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, made a written statement regarding the news that the operation of the escalator for the Marmaray station. As a result of the control of the escalator technical units located in the eastern platform area of ​​Marmaray Üsküdar Station, the stairs were closed for security purposes due to the 'chain rusting and elongation', “Marmaray Üsküdar station only has this escalator defective and there are no other escalators working in the area subject to the news. In order to eliminate the escalator failure, the necessary material supply and repair works are carried out by the contractor companies under the coordination of the relevant regional directorate. On the other hand, the central entrance of our station was kept closed for a short time for security purposes. The images used in the news belong to the period when this region was closed. The acceptance of passengers from the entrance used in the photographs is still continuing. ”

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