TCDD 159. Celebrates Its Year

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TCDD 159. : 23 1856 159 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX We are proud and happy to celebrate the year. Nice years ta TCDD is one of the most established institutions in our country, war and peace in every period of our country has taken on great duties and responsibilities.

The railway, which has become one of the most dynamic sectors of our country since the 2003 with its priority rail policies, has been the driving force of the economic, social and cultural development of our country as it was in the past.

While high-speed and fast rail lines expand from Ankara to the west to the north to the south, cities are becoming suburb of each other and their transportation habits are changing and a new life style is emerging.

Likewise, while rail systems have strengthened in urban urban transport, Marmaray has revolutionized the public transportation of Istanbul by combining Asia and European continents with ironworks.

In the four corners of our country, there is a festive atmosphere. The existing system infrastructure is renewed with towed vehicles and more comfortable quality services are offered to our citizens. The train is no longer just loved, it becomes a preferred means of transportation.

In addition to the service quality, the railway industry is also revolutionizing. In the past, even a sector that imports the rail is going to a sector that exports all the materials and tools needed. The period of indigenization and nationalization started in the advanced railway industry.

The train is interested in carrying the burden of the world. Production centers, organized industrial zones are connected to railways and the products produced by our industry are mostly transported by rail, and logistics centers coordinating all transportation systems are established.

The target at 2023; Just like in the economy, it is among the top ten countries in the world. In this context; 3.500 km high speed, 8.500 km conventional and 1.000 km railway line to reach the total, the renewal of existing lines and completion of modernization, railway transportation share; % 25.000 and load at the load% 10, national railway standards, the implementation of the Safety Management System, her National Signal System ”to make the brand, the production of all kinds of rail vehicles in our country, expansion of extension lines, combined and freight transport development, railway It is aimed to support the R & D of the railway industry, to support the R & D of the national railway industry and to develop all kinds of railway technology and to develop the international railway corridors.

All these developments are exhilarating and proud for the entire railroad family. Railways 159. we commemorate everyone who grants his annual life with gratitude and gratitude.

I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who feel this enthusiasm in their hearts.

I would also like to thank all the passengers who prefer the train more and more.

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