Terrorist damage in the Sarıkamış Ski Center 1 million euros

Terror damage in Sarikamis Ski Center 1 million euro: WINTER tourism in the east of Switzerland known as Sarikamis Bayraktepe Ski Center, the 13 terrorist attacks in September, the terrorist damage of 1 million euros (3.4 million pounds) was determined.

Sarikamis Tourism Association (SATURDER) President and tourism investor Mir Hasan Stone, known for its pine forests and crystal snow feature in the center of the terrorists and chairlift system at the summit, said the burning cafeteria. President of Kars Hotel and Restaurant Association (KARSOD) President Halit Özer, the organization's action in the winter tourism and Sarikamis said that the major blow. The attack of the separatist terrorist organization PKK, which wounded the investors deeply in Sarikamish, occurred on the afternoon of September in 13. A group of terrorists, the public and private sector established with the partnership of Kar-Sar-Tur Inc. ski resort operating on the summit of the ski lift facilities, the control room and set the cafeteria on fire. The attack has made the mechanical facilities unusable. After the fire, the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Governorate, District Governorate and the municipality took action to re-operate the facilities before the winter season following the damage assessment.

Kars Hotels and Restaurants Association (KARSOD) President Halit Özer stated that the Ski Center is very important for Sarıkamış and Kars. Stating that they hope that such events will not happen again, Özer said: “The sad event is Sarıkamış and has seriously damaged the tourism in the region. Also, traces left by such events will remain in memory. We hope that these wounds will heal very soon and will not happen again. Because it takes two minutes to do something, to destroy it. While Sarıkamış, the land of martyrs and the land of snow, has become a brand in winter tourism, it is deeply upset that everyone is mentioned in this way today. ”


Sarıkamış Tourism Association (SATURDER) President and tourism investor Mir Hasan Taş said, “Sarıkamış is a brand city that is famous in the world with its region of hotels with a capacity of approximately 1500 beds. It has a special importance with its crystal snow feature. Together with the officials of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we have made the necessary investigations and researches today. As a result of these efforts, approximately 1 million euro material damage was detected.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the governor's office, the district governorship and the Municipality are doing the necessary work. Of course, it is stated that maintenance and repair work will be completed in about 2 months. Not only tourism investors, but also tradesmen, people, restaurants, cafeterias, coaches, everyone, tied their fate to this mountain. But today, of course, we are facing a sad situation. Sarıkamış should come to the place he deserves as soon as possible. ”

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