Surprising the train with wind energy

📩 07/12/2018 16:51

Wind-driven train astonishes: Environmental technologies developed to prevent sudden climate changes as a result of global warming are pushing the limits of innovation. The Netherlands was building wind-driven trains, while solar panels were installed on roads for electricity in South Korea and the UK.

Green technologies developed to get rid of greenhouse gases that threaten the world began to reduce the dangers of global warming. Especially developed countries and world brands have designed wind trains that work on the green environment, airports that take most of their energy from the sun, roads furnished with charging technology, solar data centers and servers. We have compiled the most remarkable environmental technologies in the world for you.

Wind powered train

Eneco and VIVENS rail transport company signed an environmental agreement. Accordingly, all trains in the Netherlands will operate entirely on wind power. The project is expected to be completed 100 percent in 2018. For the rail network, which will carry 1.2 million passengers per day, wind power will come from the Netherlands, Belgium and some Scandinavian countries.

Charging ways for electric cars

Charging strips for electric vehicles in the UK will now be tested. After the 1,5 year-long trial, the system will also be tested on public roads. The government will be guiding the world with this technology by investing 500 million pounds for electric vehicle charging strips technology. Equipped with wireless connection technology, vehicles will be installed under the road during the trial by connecting with special equipment will act according to the plan. Electrical cables to be laid under the road will produce an electromagnetic field and this energy will be collected and converted into electricity.

Road with solar panel

In South Korea, panels are installed on the 32 kilometer-long road between Daejon and Sejong, which generates electricity and protects cyclists from the sun as solar panels are located at the top of the road. The solar panels used in the project are capable of charging the electric cars and lighting the highway.

The airport is powered by the sun

Cochin International Airport, located in Kerala, India, will derive its energy completely from solar panels.

Solar panels, the airport 25 300 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during the year to prevent emissions. This amount corresponds to the planting of 3 million trees. The airport will have at least 46 thousand solar panels. The solar panels, which will spread over 45 acres of land, will produce about 48 thousand units of energy per day.

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