Konak Tramway Project Is Revision Work Again

Revision Work is Again in the Konak Tramway Project: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been revised three times before in the Konak Tramway project, is doing a new route study. Kocaoğlu is expected to decide on the deadlocked project

The tram project, which was awarded to approximately 9 million lira by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which broke a new record by completing the section of Izmir Metro between Üçyol and Üçkuyular in 251 years, has also come to a dead end. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality believes that it will breathe in urban public transportation. Karşıyaka It held the tender for the Tramway Projects in February last year. Signing a contract with Gülermak Firm at the end of August, Büyükşehir delivered the site to the contractor firm. However, constant revision of the projects took a difficult time.

Metropolitan Municipality, which made the last change of the route about 25 days ago on the Konak tram, which attracted the reaction of the trade associations due to the project revisions made one after another, started work for the new route change even before a month has passed. The Metropolitan Municipality, which shifted the section of Konak Tramway between Üçkuyular and Konak, which reached 13 kilometers in the middle of August, from Mithatpaşa Street to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, now, in the section between Konak and Fahrettin Altay Square. once acted to go for revision. Within the scope of the work carried out on the instructions of President Kocaoğlu, the two lines, which previously passed from the land side of the coastal boulevard, separated from each other. According to the new arrangement, the arrival part of the tram from Konak to Fahrettin Altay was shifted to the sea side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard.

The departure from Fahrettin Altay to Konak was designed to remain on the land side of the coastal boulevard. It was envisaged that the two lines separated in Üçkuyular would reunite in front of Sabancı Cultural Center approximately 7 kilometers later. The road vehicle underpass on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, whose construction started recently, was shown as the reason for the route change. The ongoing route change has not yet been submitted to Mayor Kocaoğlu for approval. If Kocaoğlu also approves the last route change, the Üçkuyular - Halkapınar Tram line, which has a total length of 13 kilometers, will be revised for the 13th time in the intervening 4 months. Thus, in the project where the Metropolitan Municipality tender and site delivery were made more than 1 year ago, Karşıyaka With 3 revisions on its line and 4 on its Konak line, it will also set a new record.

Following the revision in mid-August, the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners claimed that the tramway projects that had not yet been clarified were progressing far from scientific and claimed that the city administration had failed in the tramway project. Karşıyaka and Konak Tram Line Project was tendered for approximately 26 million 2014 thousand TL on February 251, 300, and the City Planners' Chamber emphasized that although more than 1 year has passed, the route on which the line will pass is still not clear. Stating that the process is unscientific, the chamber management stated that the reports they prepared about the project were not taken into consideration by the municipality; "As a result of all these experiences, we announce to the press and the public that we are faced with an unplanned and unscheduled tram project and that we have serious concerns about the consequences of the implementation after these uncertainties."

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