Konak tramway was taken to Sahil Boulevard again

Konak tram was taken back to Sahil Boulevard: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will return to the first project on the route Üçkuyular-Konak in Konak tram project. The project preparations have been completed for the route taken from Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard to Mithatpaşa Street to be taken back to Sahil Boulevard. After the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu makes the final decision, delayed work will begin.

Metropolitan Municipality, which shifted the tram line from the middle median that will cause the cutting of mulberry trees on the route passing through Şair Eşref Boulevard before the tender in line with the suggestions of the occupational chambers on the Konak tram, and after the tender, again due to the suggestions of the professional chambers, the reactions to the green area and the decrease in the parking lots. Mustafa Kemal decided to take the route that will pass through the green area of ​​Beach Boulevard to Mithatpaşa Street. The change was brought to the agenda due to the problems arising on the route planned to pass through Mithatpaşa Street. Considering the necessity and difficulties of water, electricity, natural gas and similar infrastructure displacements passing under the street, the increase in costs and the problems in traffic, the municipal bureaucrats prepared a new project for the Sahil Boulevard line. This time, it was planned to pass through the road and pavement instead of the green area. Prepare, in one of the two alternatives, the line was designed to be completely on the carriageway, and in the other, some of it would remain on the pavement. After the decision of President Kocaoğlu in the first weeks of this September, the company will start working. The municipality used the photographs that were prepared before about taking the Sahil Boulevard underground in front of Mithatpaşa Park and where the tram line passed through the coastal boulevard.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:40

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