Modernization of Samsun Kalın Railway Line Has Started

Thick Railway Line Modernization of Samsun Start: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Manager Omar Stars, Samsun-thick (Sivas) attended the first rail dismantling activities for the renewal of the railway line.

Yildiz said the project is the largest-scale project funded by EU grant funds to date with 258.8 million euros.

Approximately 3 will be closed throughout the year for the renewal of the Samsun-Kalin Railway line changes in the work began today with the ceremony. Governor İbrahim Şahin and TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız participated in the ceremony which took place at the Samsun Garage Building. TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız said:, Our modernization railway line was constructed by Nuri Demirağ, the first railway contractor of the Republic, and opened to service in 1932. 2003-100 has been renewed since then, including 150-9 annual pristine roads.

In 2009, Ankara-Eskişehir, 2011 in Ankara-Konya, 2013 in the year of Eskisehir-Konya and 2014 Ankara-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul between high-speed train operation reminded the Star, "New-built Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line Köseköy- Gebze The rehabilitation and signaling projects of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak line are realized by the European Union IPA funds within the scope of the ve Transport Operational Program kes. A large part of the modernization project of the Samsun-Kalın line, where we have completed the first rail dismantling, will be financed from EU IPA funds. The modernization project of the Samsun-Kalın line is the largest-scale project financed by EU grant funds so far. Samsun

'North to South, in Turkey we carry to the Future "project, to be carried out under the slogan raised the 378 kilometer line infrastructure and superstructure standard that signaling system is installed in expressing General Manager Omar Stars, he continued:

UM When the modernization works are completed, the existing line will be completely renewed, signaling and telecommunication systems will be installed, 48 historical bridge will be restored, 30 bridge and 1054 culvert will be rebuilt. In addition, the tunnels will be expanded and the station road lengths will be increased to 750 meters. Thus, a significant increase in the capacity of the line and the operating speed and comfort of the trains will be provided, and railways will be preferred more in freight and passenger transportation. The project, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2017, will cost 258.8 million euros. I believe that the project will be completed within specified periods of time by working day and night in coordination with all stakeholders. Paydaş

After the speeches, the first rails were removed with the protocol pressing the buttons.

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