Cable car from Kuştepe to BursaRay Kültürpark Station

Cable car from Kuştepe to BursaRay Kültürpark Station: Within the scope of the works carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to make Bursa a more accessible city, the new ropeway system which will be integrated with BursaRay Kültürpark Station, will facilitate access to the city center from the districts such as Kuştepe, İvaz Paşa and Alacahırka.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities uninterruptedly with the aim of Bursa to be a more accessible city. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Metropolitan Municipality's breathtaking new ropeway project to detail details of the new ropeway at Culture Park. Altepe, Bursa, taking important steps in transportation, saying: t Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has become a municipality that provides a significant vision of transportation with multi-faceted work . We are striving to produce permanent solutions for transportation in Bursa, which is rapidly growing with land, sea and air transportation systems. While we are covering the city with rail systems and iron networks, we also offer new alternatives to the urban transportation of Bursa. We will soon realize the ropeway project, which is the most suitable system for integration of the districts established on the foothills of Bursa to the city center. Bursa

He added that the project to download the existing ropeway from the Altepe, Sarıalan and Oteller regions to Gökdere and Zafer Park is about to be completed and added, proj Our second urban alternative ropeway project in Bursa will be connected with BursaRay Kültürpark Station on Ankara - İzmir Road. Transportation will be provided to the regions on the slopes of the mountain. Buradan

Altepe explained that the projects were prepared and presented to the approval. Park According to the project, our citizens who descend at BursaRay Kültürpark Station can go to Pınarbaşı Park by passing through the Culture Park and reach the city center and the Hisar district from Pınarbaşı Station. Passengers continuing from Pınarbaşı can take the three lines at Kuştepe Station, on Demirkapı west and Alacahırka to the west, to İvaz Paşa and Maksem in the east and to Yiğitali upland in the third. This project will add great value to tourism and connect all mountain skirts to Kültürpark Station. Bursa will take the breath of transportation, Bursa he said.

Culture Altay, which will be provided to the Presidency of Culture Park Kuştepe 9 minutes, the cable car and BursaRay and Kuştepe Uludağ University in Kuğepe most 22-23 minutes can be reached, he added. registering with the ropeways and easy access to BursaRay, Bu Citizens will take the bus as Bukartlarla, will travel to the bus price and from here to all regions of Bursa will be able to reach in a short time. As the projects get out of approval, we will start manufacturing works and will be a beautiful project that will add value to Bursa çıktı.

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