Expectation of the President of Kestel and Gürsu to Bursaray

The expectation of Kestel and Gürsu from the Mayor of Bursaray: We used to talk about Kestel and Gürsu as the last two districts in the eastern part of our city.
This discourse has been changed by the Metropolitan Law and now this statement has become valid for İnegöl.
In recent years, Kestel and Gürsu have become almost integrated with the city, which has achieved tremendous growth both with its population and new housing areas.
The most concrete example of this is that Bursaray reaches both districts.
Unfortunately, Bursaray cannot be used sufficiently by these two districts.
The reason is that transfer stations have not been established in the metro stations outside of both Gürsu and Kestel for nearly two years.
In this regard, Mayor Recep Altepe, promised in the past:
He said that the railways will be connected to the subway stations of both districts to reach the district centers via the Firefly line, and he will emphasize that they will start this work before the T2 line.
Two years have passed after the President's remarks.
Such a study let alone, Kestel and Gursu metro stations to transfer to the district centers surprised by what to do when you come to Bursa, even a bus line could not be created.
Mandatory transfer at the Arabayatağı station, which will connect Bursaray from the west to the east of the city without interruption, but the signaling work has been going on for a while, ends in October.
Even uninterrupted transportation will not cause Kestel and Gürsu passengers to prefer the metro.
As a matter of fact, the expectations of the people of both districts from Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, are the establishment of transfer stations that will provide transportation to the district center from Gürsu and Kestel stations outside the district.

Source: Ersel PEKER - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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