Karşıyaka tram project will change the weather of the district

Karşıyaka tram project will change the weather of the district:KarşıyakaWhen the tram project, which is waiting excitedly by the residents, is completed, the traffic density in the district will decrease and the comfort of public transportation will come. Instead of the 6 bus or 95 passenger car in one direction at a time, the 285 passenger can be transported with a single tram vehicle. Thus, air pollution will be prevented to a large extent.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to expand the rail system in public transportation, on both sides of the city (Karşıyaka, Konak) tram starts the era. 14 kilometer consisting of 8.8 stops under construction Karşıyaka significant progress has been made in the work of rail line laying.

Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing

With the introduction of the trams, the city is aimed at reducing traffic intensity and making public transportation more comfortable, as well as reducing the carbon emissions of rubber-powered vehicles. In line with the accounts of the traffic experts, the 6 bus or the 95 passenger car in one direction at a time can be transported by 285 passenger instead of the single tramway vehicle.

Starting to use sea transportation more intensively with renewed bay ships KarşıyakaThanks to trams, people will have the opportunity to reach world-class transportation comfort and environmentally friendly transportation. With the tram project which is planned to protect the green texture and trees on the beach and revised accordingly, a new atmosphere will come to the district. Grass sections will be formed on the line in some parts of the project which are suitable for creating an aesthetic and environmentally friendly appearance.

One to one tram

8.8 kilometers long Karşıyaka There will be a total 14 stop on the tram line. Tram will depart from Mavişehir İZBAN Station respectively Ataşehir, İZBAN Atölye, Mavişehir, Karşıyaka Arena, Yali, Anadolu High School, Atakent, Pazaryeri, Bostanli, Bostanli Pier, Dolphins and Wedding Palace stops after stopping Karşıyaka He will complete his expedition at the pier stop.

Karşıyaka In the Tram Project KarşıyakaIzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who listened to the voice of the people, ordered the route to be changed so that the palm trees remained in place.

Traffic returns to normal

Karşıyaka Within the framework of tram works, both infrastructure displacements and line production are continuing as planned in Cehar Dudayev Boulevard's middle section and Selçuk Yaşar Street and Cengiz Topel Street. The fast-paced rail laying works came in front of Bostanlı Beşikçioğlu Mosque. In the sections where the works are completed, asphalting is carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams in order to restore the traffic flow to its original state.

The length of each station within the scope of the project will be 62 meters. This will make it possible to extend the 32-meter tram sets according to the passenger density. Within the scope of the works, an 6 transformer center is installed to feed the kataner line. Manufacturing works are continuing in the area next to the İZBAN Workshop building which will be used as workshop and warehouse for tram cars.

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