Tram Works in Izmit

Tramway Work in Izmit Hit Flea Market Tradesmen: Tradesmen of Izmit's historical Flea Market cannot open a stall for 2 weeks. Market tradesmen, who suffered from the tram work in the area, which was rented for 2004 years in 49 and given to flea market tradesmen, complain that the municipality does not show them a place ...

One of the oldest markets in Izmit, the historic flea market trades is about 15 days. In the first place in Izmit, Belsa Plaza was established at certain points of the week, such as the Thursday Market area, about 60. The market was established on certain days of the week. Textile products every week on Sundays, and the flea market, which used to sell second-hand products on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, is now closing.


The area where the market was established was rented to 2004 yearbook in 49 and transferred to Izmit Pazarcılar Chamber. The Chamber of Marketers gave this area to the flea market tradesmen. However, when this area was selected as the last stop of the tram project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality, the market shopkeepers were thrown out without question. Market shopkeepers, with the start of the tram project, the door is locked into the market for about 15 days can not enter. Citizens, who are the only means of subsistence, are reacting to the disposal of the door without giving them a place.


Although it was authorized by Izmit Municipality, the tradesmen who couldn't open their machines despite their authority to open cards and benches, took the action at the market entrance yesterday. Approximately 100 tradesmen gathered at the market entrance of more than a thousand trades per week. Im Most of the people here are the only means of living this marketplace. The municipality has to show us a place. They can't throw us out without question, Bizi he said.


Dursun said that even the Syrian citizens coming to our country were bound to have a salary. “Why is the stepfather treated to us when the state belongs to everyone? Most of the people here are cops, they have no other power to do. This is a kind of healing house for them. If this area will be used for the tram, let us call the municipality to show us another place, let's call our bread there. Many tradesmen and customers come to the Flea Market from the surrounding provinces and open both a bench and shop, Birçok he said.


Ahmet Serim, the chairman of Izmit Pazarcılar Chamber, whom we talked about the subject said that they have emptied the area after the Metropolitan Municipality sent a letter about the evacuation of the area. Metropolitan Municipality said there is no place. About 10 days ago we sent them relevant articles, but they did not return yet. We can't defend their rights because they are not registered members in our room, but we are still trying to do our best. Or

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