Free Wi-Fi to 400 Train Stations in India from Google

Free Wi-Fi from Google to 400 Train Stations in India: Fast and free internet, which will come to 400 stations across the country in cooperation with Google and the Indian Railways, will make the daily journey of millions much more enjoyable.

The project is planned to use Google fiber technology in the United States, which can reach up to a thousand megabytes per second. The connection is expected to be slower than it would be wireless, but according to current reports, 34 will be able to provide faster internet than usual before the new access points slow down.

The goal is to make the 20 million people reach the Internet more easily while on the train in one day. To compare, this figure is almost equivalent to Australia's population.

At the moment, various internet providers have wireless internet in some train stations in India, but the connection quality is low and not common in the whole country. The Google Project, or the new Nilgiri Project, is currently in the pilot phase. Several access points have been set up and others are expected to be installed within four months.

According to IRCTC (a website with rail news in India), the speed of downloading data from the internet at the access points in the pilot stage is already 7 megabytes per second, and the data upload speed reaches 5 megabytes per second. With the establishment of a better infrastructure, this rate is expected to increase in the coming months. Users can now use the free internet service with a one-time password sent to mobile phones on their mobile access points.



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