Giant projects fly land prices in the region

Giant projects flew land prices in the region: As the Third Bridge and Third Airport projects continue, prices of land in the region continue to rise.

In villages such as Nakkaş, Boyalık, Tayakadın, which are scattered among the northern forests of Istanbul, it was possible to find a field at prices starting from 8 lira per square meter until 10-5 years ago. However, with the emergence of rumors that major public projects will be held, the lands that have no zoning in the region, which came under the lens of the land brokers, started to change hands one by one. After that, Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan announced that the Third Bridge and the Third Airport will be built in this region, and the prices peaked. At the point reached today, prices in Yeniköy, which ranged between 60-70 lira five years ago, have reached 600-700 lira. The prices between 220-250 lira in Karaburun now range between 800 and thousand lira. The most interesting thing is that despite the lack of zoning to develop a real estate project in these regions, prices still tend to increase.

Noting that prices have reached four times when the Third Airport and the Third Bridge are on the agenda, TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya said, “Those who saw the movement of both projects in the last three years have made great purchases. Currently, there is no large group that wants to sell their lands apart from the sales of small fields. Because the conjuncture in the market does not give positive weather. The effect of such environments on real estate is in the form of wait and see. Despite the fact that Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge crosses the past, it has been built over time. This will be the case in the Third Bridge, but it will take 10 years. There are still those who are collecting the shares, but the first speed has been lost. This is a very natural process. ”

The focus of all projects in the third bridge area indicates that these areas will be opened for reconstruction. Even with the local elections to be held four years later, this development issue is among the expectations. Another indication that the region will be opened to development is the New City Project, which is built in the region between Kayaşehir and Ispartakule, on the borders of Başakşehir District, where 1,5 million people live on the European side of two city projects in Istanbul. With the Third Bridge, Başakşehir-Arnavutköy-Kayabaşı axis is shown on the European Side as the residential areas where the most mobility is experienced in the first place. On the Anatolian Side, it is predicted that the area with the highest mobility will be Beycak and Sancaktepe in the first place.

The immediate surroundings of the Third Airport are not currently a residential area. It is a region where agricultural activities continue in some parts of the land. Therefore, there is no occupied area. Land sales also vary on a regional basis. The second band closest to the road route is priced at 450-550 TL / m2, and the third band at 200- 250 TL / m2. Arnavutköy, Kayabaşı within the borders of Başakşehir, and Göktürk within the borders of Eyüp are prominent regions with the Third Airport project. Among these, Göktürk stands out as the most developed region with its qualified housing stock.

Salim Şeker, the headman of Tayakadin Village, which stands out as the closest village to the Third Airport, says that there is no old activity in the sale of land in their villages and regional villages. Şeker said, “In the past everyone had become a real estate agent and there were days when 10 lands in the villages changed hands. However, now this mobility has been replaced by calm days. Currently, 2-3 lands per month are changing hands. They are made up of small fields of 300-400 m2. ”

Since the announcement of the location of the Third Airport with the routes and connection roads that the Northern Marmara Highway will pass, housing prices in Göktürk have increased by 30-40 percent. While Göktürk became an important center with its increasing social and commercial opportunities, the increase in housing prices, the increase in the population and the increase in traffic began to cause distress for those living in the region. These negative developments highlight Bolluca within the borders of Arnavutköy as an alternative region that will attract the population accustomed to living in the region. While there is a restricted land available for development in the forest area, the unit prices of the villas in Bolluca vary between 6 thousand and 6 thousand 500 TL / m2. When the prices of the villas in the Taşoluk area of ​​Arnavutköy are examined, it is seen that the prices at the level of one thousand 2012-thousand 300 TL / m500 increased to 2 thousand 2-500 thousand TL / m3 in 2.

The highest increases in the region were in the areas where there are no zoned, field-qualified immovables. Prices of fields with unit prices of 50-60 TL / m2 have reached 200 TL / m2. In Agaçlı, which is one of the closest regions to the Third Airport, the field prices of 200 TL / m2 increased to 600-800 TL / m2. On the other hand, Kayaşehir became one of the most talked about regions after the announcement of the Third Airport and Northern Marmara Highway. When the first stage sessions started in 2011 in TOKİ Kayaşehir residences in the newly developing region, the unit prices, which were 900- thousand TL / m2, have now increased to the range of 2 thousand 250-2 thousand 800 / m2 according to the type of apartment. In new projects, prices increase up to 3 thousand-4 thousand TL / m2. It is observed that there has been a rapid acceleration in these regions especially between 2012 and 2014, and demand has decreased in the last year in Arnavutköy and the increase in prices has become stagnant. Kayabaşı, on the other hand, is still attractive in terms of housing demand due to being on the metro route.
Waiting for 1/1000 PLAN

Vedat Pekdemir, owner of Sed Emlak, operating in Sarıyer acting with the Third Bridge, says that the prices of the lands in the region from Garipçe to Kısırkaya have increased to 250-350 TL / m2 in the last three years. Stating that 350/450 plans were released in the region five years ago, but 2/1 plans are still expected, Pekdemir said, “This expectation did not come true due to the delay in zoning, while the m5000 prices were expected to increase to at least a thousand TL in Gümüşdere, Uskumruköy and Kısırkaya. However, the prices of 1 thousand 1000 and 2 thousand dollars in housing in Zekeriyaköy have increased by 2 percent in the last three years. ”

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