Bozdağ Ski Center signatures

Bozdag Ski Center signatures are expected to be signed: the goal of being a winter tourism center of the Aegean Region established, but due to avalanche and lack of care has been left to the fate of the Bozdağ Ski Center for two years, the tender was approved, eyes turned to the contract process.

The procurement of 18 on August 2015 was approved by the Public Procurement Agency for Bozdag Ski Center, whose activities were stopped after an avalanche. The highest bid in the tender held at the Bayındır Forestry Directorate was 515 thousand pounds, while the unnamed entrepreneurs were given 15 daily period for signatures.

Bozdag Ski Center, which was opened to service in 1994, was transferred from İzmir Special Provincial Administration to the General Directorate of Forestry, which was closed with the whole city law. In the ski center waiting to be found life again, hotel and dining hall, 3 bin 53 square covered area, two-storey building, teleski and chairlift takes place.

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