Bar owners have still not reached a solution

Bar owners have not yet reached a solution: they continue negotiations to solve the problem of tradesmen at the Bars Street, which will be expropriated within the scope of the tram project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

The problem, which has been started due to not being given a new place to do their jobs, cannot be solved despite the interviews.


The shopkeepers who reacted to the removal of the place where they eat the bread and not specifying a new place to do business met with Güray Oruç, the Vice President of Izmit Municipality Directorate of Police and Licensing. The meeting held in Oruç's office; Yusuf Entertainment Owners Association (KEYDER) President Yusuf Ziya Tom and the members of the association Timuçin Sayıner, Space Yıldırım, Serkan Göğük and owner Hasan Tahsin Aydınlar attended.


Sohbet During the meeting, the tradesmen expressed their demands for the allocation of new areas and the renewal of the alcohol licenses in this area. As mentioned in previous interviews, he asked for support for giving them the previously promised 55 thousand square meters of 16 thousand square meters of empty space next to the Galericiler Site. However, no progress was made.



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