The XRUMX tree will be cut down to the ski resort

Approximately 1.000 trees will be cut for Atabarı Ski Center: The fact that approximately 1.000 more trees were started to be cut due to the widening of the track in Atabarı Ski Center, located in Kafkasör, Artvin caused reactions.

It is stated that approximately 1.000 trees have been cut to expand the ski slope in the Atabarı Ski Center of the Artvin Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. Although it was known that cutting trees was one of the most important reasons of landslide and that there were mortal landslides in Hopa 10 days ago, the fact that 1.000 trees would be cut revealed that no lessons were taken from the disasters.

Making a statement on the subject, CHP Artvin MP Uğur Bayraktutan said, “Our youth sports management is very sensitive in this regard. So I know her sensitivity. When our president comes here, we are faced with a youth sports provincial manager who does not allow our president's helicopter. He is the bureaucrat of the AKP. So I will do because it is not the bureaucrats of the Republic of Turkey, I have nothing to say. His practice is not a correct practice, indeed the painting in Hopa and Arhavi is a dramatic painting. I heard it, I did not observe it personally, it is not acceptable, it is not acceptable for Artvin. ” said.

No explanation has been made yet from the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports.

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