AŞTİ, airport and gar holiday tourists

AŞTİ was flooded by airport and station holidaymakers: Capitalists flocked to their hometown and holiday resorts, knowing the 9-day holiday. Citizens to spend the feast in Ankara enjoyed the streets and streets left empty

Due to the prolongation of the 9 day and the effect of hot weather, the capital city fled to their hometowns and holiday resorts. AŞTİ, airport and gar, the holiday began on the beginning of Friday, overflowed. Ankara began to live in the most calm days. Konya, Eskişehir and Istanbul, where traffic is intense, in the city center Kızılay, Ulus, Sıhhiye neighborhoods such as unrecognized images occurred. Citizens who spent the feast in the capital enjoyed secluded roads. Sunday's weather dominated by the traffic of the capital, the drivers also breathed comfortably.

AŞTİ also got its share from the density of the feast. Due to the fact that the tickets were sold days before, the companies increased the number of trips. Citizens filled the platforms with their suitcases and bags. AŞTİ officials increased the security measures to the next level due to the holiday. It was stated that the number of busses entering and entering the AŞTİ reached 2 thousand per day and the average number of passengers reached 100 thousand. TCDD Headquarters also set up additional YHT flights between Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara in order to meet the increasing passenger demand. Officials stated that on September 23, 26 and 27, additional YHT flights were organized between Ankara and Istanbul to Ankara to meet the increasing passenger demand due to the feast. Officials noted that the departure time of additional YHTs from Ankara will be 08.15 and the return time from Istanbul (Pendik) will be 16.00. It is reported that these additional YHTs will stop at Sincan, Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük and Izmit stations. It is also stated that due to the feast, a wagon will be added to some main line passenger trains besides YHTs.

TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız stated that the train prices for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the members of the Police and their spouses and children will be 17 percent discounted between September 4 and October 50, which also includes the holiday of Eid al-Adha. Stating that they would like to contribute to the members of the police and the Turkish Armed Forces, Yıldız said, “For this purpose, we launched a 17 percent discount campaign on YHT main and regional trains between 4 September and 50 October. "Between these dates, train fares will be 50 percent off for TSK and Emniyet members, and their spouses and children."

Airline companies also set up additional flights with wide-body aircraft to meet the increasing passenger demand. From Esenboğa Airport, as of Friday, 34 flights to 747 different destinations from domestic flights were made, while 23 flights to 143 different destinations were made on international flights. Stating that Friday is the busiest day with 139 flights, the officials said, “There was an increase in both the number of flights and the number of passengers due to the feast. During the holiday, the average daily passenger number is 32 thousand, while international flights 6 thousand passengers made flights from Esenboğa. ”

THY officials, who previously announced that they will make 50 percent discount on ticket prices during the feast, to the police, soldiers and their families, also gave the gospel of 20 percent discount for families of martyrs, along with Anadolu Jet. The officials said, “There will be a 20 percent discount on the tickets issued for business and economy (excluding promotion fee classes) for direct and indirect travelers, provided that they present the necessary documents to the relatives of the martyrs.”

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