Free Bus and Tram in Antalya

Antalya Tram Map
Antalya Tram Map

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's red buses with official plates, Antray and the nostalgic tram are free during the holiday. The Metropolitan Municipality took the necessary measures for the citizens to spend the Eid al-Adha comfortably and peacefully. Many units, especially the Police, Fire Brigade, ASAT, will be on duty during the Eid al-Adha. The red buses with official plates of the Metropolitan Municipality, Antray and the nostalgic tram will carry citizens free of charge during the holiday.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will provide free sacrificial slaughtering services on the 1st and 2nd days of the holiday under the control of Veterinarians in the Soğsu Mahallesi Thursday Market and Yeşilbahçe Mahallesi Closed Wednesday Market. During the holiday, the staff working in the Police Department will be on duty. The teams will intensify their inspections even more in the establishments that sell and sell food and drinks open on the eve of the holiday, especially before the feast. The police teams will take the necessary precautions for the public to visit the graves comfortably in Uncalı house Andızlı cemeteries and sacrificial places during the feast from the day of eve. Citizens will be able to report their complaints to the police headquarters at ALO 153 and 249 50 70-249 50 84.


Red buses run by the Metropolitan Municipality will carry free passengers during the Eid al-Adha, which serves between Kepezalti and Meydan, and the nostalgia tram serving between the museum and the old slaughterhouse. Free transportation will start on Thursday, September 24 at 06.00:27, and end on Sunday, September 24.00 at 444:37. On the other hand, citizens can call the Transportation Call Center 08 XNUMX XNUMX for all kinds of transportation problems and problems.

antalya tram lines
antalya tram lines


Antalya Water and Waste Water Administration (ASAT) General Directorate of water and sewerage services in case of possible negativity in the team will hold. In case of any malfunction, ALO ASAT 185 of citizens can be called 24 hours.


The Department of Fire Department will be on duty during the festival. Fire crews, 41 separate group in the borders of Antalya, 580 staff will continue to work hours 24. Central Group, especially fire brigades in the districts and Kaleiçi team, a possible fire against the 24 hours will be ready. Citizens, can notify the fire call ALO FIRE 112.


Necessary measures were taken in the cemeteries, which are among the most visited places before and during the festival. Andiz and Uncalı graveyards on the day of the anniversary and holidays 16 clergy to help citizens visit the cemetery.

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