Train services to Germany stopped, asylum seekers stayed in Vienna

📩 29/11/2018 20:43

Train services to Germany stopped, asylum-seekers stayed in Vienna: Asylum-seekers in Austria remained in Vienna after the train services to Germany were stopped.

After Germany announced that it had started border checks again, the train services from Austria to Germany were stopped. Hundreds of asylum-seekers who came from Hungary to Austria and wanted to go to Germany remained in Vienna.

After the cancellation of the train, some asylum seekers were sent to the camps.

Some refugees who do not want to go to camps spend the night in and around the station.

Authorities reported that about 2 asylum-seekers stayed in Vienna and those who wanted were placed in camps.

The refugees, mostly Syrian, want to go to Germany.

It is stated that approximately 10 thousand asylum seekers have passed through Austria in the last 35 days.

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