The BALO project is targeted at many foreign companies

The BALO project is targeted at many foreign companies: the interest in the Greater Anatolia Logistics Project (BALO) is growing. Many foreign companies are closely interested in, some companies have brought concrete partnership proposal said.

Turkey, one of the largest logistics projects in the Greater Anatolia Project Logistics (BALO) began to arrive partnership bids from foreign companies. BALO, which carried the cargo of Anatolia to Europe in a short time such as 4 days, learned that many foreign companies were interested. It is stated that some companies offer a concrete partnership proposal. BALO officials stated that there was no final agreement on this issue, did not olmad secret anlaşma about who was interested. However, businessmen from the route provinces of the project confirmed the interest of foreign logistics companies and investors. According to an announcement on the website of BALO, the company is planning a joint venture with Austrian Rail Cargo Austria (RCA). Concrete steps were taken. In recent days, the parties held a meeting at the management level. The Germans are looking for cooperation. There are other investors who are interested.

It operates mainly through railways intermodal transportation services to the logistics sector and Anatolia loads 4 days as soon as the delivering to Europe BALL, in 2011 Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), under the leadership of Turkey's room from many regions, exchanges and organized industrial zones was established. 94 started with 2014 partner, 118 has been the partner since 2012. BALO, which is a partner of the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTIKAD), was prepared in 2013 in XNUMX and started to provide freight forwarding services to the freight forwarders in the logistics sector by XNUMX. The main objective of BALO is to increase the competitiveness of industrialists by providing logistical advantages. Until now, the industrialist of Anatolia was unable to transport his products to Europe by rail due to lack of transportation problems and system. Especially transport costs break the competitiveness of the industrialists in Anatolia, and despite the Customs Union Agreement with the European Union, this advantage could only be used in the provinces in the western region. With BALO, a significant freight advantage has been provided to the industrialist in Anatolia.

Germans are interested for the Chinese line
There are also 'joint venture' plans in BALO's agenda. A joint venture with Rail Cargo Austria (RCA), one of Europe's major railway supply companies, is being worked on. For this initiative, the düzey Committee Meeting with Observation “3, where both parties were represented at the Board level, took place in August. June xnumx't North Rhine - Westphalia official development agency of NRW Invest also visited the Duisburg Development Agency officials WORLD newspaper coming to Turkey in cooperation Yuxino block train line between China and Germany had made clear that they want to merge with the BALO. The Turkish side is evaluating the proposal. In BALO, an 2014 crossover train is launched between Anatolia and Europe. For the Eastern Europe, the Sopron terminal in Hungary, the Ludwigshafen terminals for Duisburg and Central Germany for Northern Germany and Benelux, and the Giengen terminal in Southern Germany. Duisburg - Tekirdağ exports of 3 days and imports for 6 day transit time.

'Foreign partnership will bring BALO closer to its goals'
Hakan Çınar, the academician and logistics expert, also evaluated the increasing foreign interest in BALO: ve BALO, which was founded with the participation of TOBB in the 2011 and continued as a partner of UTIKAD, was is a very important formation for our country. We need some more time and cooperation and partnerships to reach the desired level and volume. Looking at this aspect, I believe that a possible partnership model will benefit. However, I believe that such a model should be developed as a model of mutual cooperation, not only for fundraising, but also for added value. Otherwise, BALO's one-way and wings need to create volume in a broken way, which prevents its development. The existence of an absolute partnership, partnership or close cooperation; however, I think that the decision-maker should remain in the hands of BALO. ancak


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