Railway works accelerated between Iran and Azerbaijan

Railway works between Iran and Azerbaijan were accelerated: Iran and Azerbaijan decided to accelerate the construction of the Astara (Iran) - Astara (Azerbaijan) line, which will connect the railways of the two countries.

The Astara (Iran) - Astara (Azerbaijan) line will be 7 km in total. Within the scope of the project, a freight terminal will also be built in Iran Astara.

Iran is also working on the Gazvin-Reşt-Astara railway line, which will connect Europe and Central Asia with the Persian Gulf. With the Astara (Iran) - Astara (Azerbaijan) line, Iran will also provide a connection to the Caucasus region.

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani instructed to complete the construction of the Gazvin-Rasht-Astara line in 2016. It is reported that 400 million dollars have been invested in Gazvin-Rasht-Astara line which is part of North-South transportation corridor.

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