Latest 24 Clock for LedLed Lighting and Electronist Fairs

Latest 24 Hours for Led & Led Lighting and Electronist Fairs: International Led & Led Lighting and Electronist Fairs, which is a giant organization with national and international promotional activities, participants from many different cities and countries, activities to guide the sector and numerous technological innovations to be introduced to the market. 1-4 started counting down to meet its visitors on October. On the last day, when the Marmara Tanıtım Fuarcılık team and the participating companies completed their preparations, the sector is now waiting to say 'hello' to the new business season with Led & Led Lighting and Electronist Fairs.

Led & Led Lighting Fair, which is the indispensable organization of the sector by increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors every year since the year 2007 started to be organized, also constitutes the biggest sectoral meeting platform in the region. Led & Led Lighting Fair, organized to illuminate the technological trends and keep the pulse of the sector, is the only fair in its field with the Istanbul Expo Center 9 this year. and 10. will be organized in the halls.

LED, which is used only in televisions in the early days and is known in this way by large masses, has proven itself in lighting, efficiency and performance as a lighting source and has strengthened its place in the market. When we look at the figures, we can clearly see that LED technology is reflected in Led & Led Lighting Fair. In 2014, 259 will be present at the Led & Led Lighting Fair where the company participates and 2015 will be present in 312. In the 2014, 10.200 m2 was used by 2015.

  1. Besides the International Led & Led Lighting Fair, 4. With this giant organization, which will host the International Electronist Fair, all kinds of electronic devices, components and embedded systems will meet the fair visitors.
  2. Led Conference and 6. 11 with events in which the Led Competition will take place. International Led & Led Lighting Fair and 4. 1-4 International Exhibition at the Istanbul Expo Center 9-10. Hall will welcome visitors.

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