Izmir will be the first monorail project in Turkey

Izmir will be the first monorail project in Turkey: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Secretary General Mr. Grant Companion GÖKÇE curiously point of the expected end of the monorail project. The tender process has officially started for the huge transportation project that will provide transportation to Fuarİzmir with a capacity of 400 million. Following the preparation of the application projects for the monorail, which will provide transportation on a total axis of 2,2 kilometers between İZBAN Esbaş Station and Gaziemir New Fair Area, the construction of the line will begin.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which received the approval it expects from the Regional Directorate of Highways for the monorail, which is one of the most important transportation projects in the city, has been awarded the project tender for the line that will serve the route of approximately 2,2 kilometers after the protocol signed.

Izban Esbas to start from the station and Trade Gaziemir Izmir, it will end the monorail project will be the first in Turkey. A tender was held for the application project of the system, which will consist of 2,2 train sets with a length of approximately 3 kilometers, double track, 3 wagons and a workshop building. The municipality management, which has chosen the tender method among the certain bidders that it has recently preferred for large projects, will complete the pre-qualification assessment requested from the companies until October 16 and finalize the tender.

For the critical project, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is awaiting approval from the Highways for approximately 2,5 year, will complete the projects and works for the monorail in total 200 days according to the specifications. Following the preparation of final projects for the rail system operation, the Metropolitan Municipality will start the construction tender and start the construction of the monorail delayed in the 2016 year due to the allocation and permissible crisis in the past.

The monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on the raised columns, will start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN, and will continue to the new fairground by cutting Akçay Street in the direction of the Ring Road-Gaziemir Junction-Ring Road. The monorail system, which is planned as a double line, will provide uninterrupted transportation between İZBAN and the new fairground on a 2-kilometer route. Passengers wishing to come to the new fair complex will be transported by a modern and comfortable monorail system after arriving at the ESBAŞ station with İZBAN.

Visitors will also be able to use the same system during the fair return. After the auction of the monorail, which is seen in the developed cities of the world, the 2 is expected to be completed within the year. monorail seen examples in the world's developed cities, will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey. Many international companies are expected to participate in the tender for the monorail system, which can reach up to 45 thousand passengers per hour.

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  1. It is extremely important that the fair entrance and İZBAN system are connected with each other and the transportation of the fair is integrated into the public transportation system. For this, the tram etc. can be rail systems, such as Monorail / Tekray (actually GUIDE-WAY,) with a system, this connection must be provided integration. However, a modern-looking system, such as Monorail, is very reasonable in terms of both its modern allure er, IMMAJ, and its inability to interfere with infrastructure and other transport systems, and thus less editing requirements, and especially the waiting times at possible intersections.
    Now what's important is finding the right, smooth, experienced system server. In fact, a local server (such as the TÜVASAŞ + knowhow partner, others do not yet have sufficient technical maturity, maturity and necessary experience, so it is NEVER preferred in such a serious prestige project). However, such a server, unfortunately, not yet.