German rail company cannot raise tickets from competition with bus companies

The German railway company cannot raise tickets for competition with bus companies: The German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) has postponed its hike plans for the second time due to the competitive environment of bus companies. The company, which plans to raise tickets during the last year to compensate for rising costs, has given up this year as it did last year, due to the low price policy of bus companies. Buses caused a loss of 60 million euros in the company's turnover.

"We will not increase the prices despite the increase in costs," said General Manager Rudiger Grube in a press release. said. It was noted that the price increases planned especially for remote connections will not be made. The company, which has planned serious price increases especially on long lines in the last 4 years, has made an average increase of 2,9 percent in only first class tickets. It was stated that the services offered in return for the increase were seriously improved. In this decision taken by the company, it is stated that it is effective that more than 800 buses serving throughout Germany offer travel at affordable prices. The number of buses is expected to increase up to 1200.

The buses preferred by students and retirees for travel caused Deutsche Bahn's turnover loss of 60 million Euros. Despite numerous strikes in the summer, it managed to increase the number of passengers. It was stated by Deutsche Bahn that cities with a population of more than 100 thousand will be connected to distant cities every two hours, and 50 new lines will be opened to 190 big cities from small cities.

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