8. Countdown to the International Steel Bridges Symposium

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  1. Countdown for the International Steel Bridges Symposium: The symposium organized by TUCSA in Istanbul under the coordination of ECCS will bring together nearly 36 people from 200 countries.

Bosphorus Bridge, Gulf Crossing Bridge, Nissibi Euphrates Bridge and Kömürhan Bridge's facilities, including the world, followed by giant steel bridge signatories to the structure of Turkey, on 14-16 September 8th will host the Symposium on International Steel Bridges.

engages in May, "Turkey's Third Great Bridge" Nissibi Euphrates Bridge, Asia and 3rd Bosphorus Bridge that the European continent will meet for the third time, mounting rapidly ongoing Gulf Crossing Bridge and Construction started in Kömürhan Bridge and structural steel sector followed with interest by Turkey, It will host an important event in the coming days. The 8th International Steel Bridges Symposium (SBIC 2015), organized by the Turkish Constructional Steel Association (TUCSA), will take place at the Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel in Istanbul on September 14-16. Nearly 36 experts from 200 countries will participate in the XNUMXth International Steel Bridges Symposium, which will be held for the eighth time by TUCSA under the coordination of the European Structural Steel Association (ECCS).

Professor Dr. Gimsing and Prof. Dr. Baochun is coming

ECCS President and TUCSA Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Nesrin Assistant, both from the international community symposium, one of Turkey's very important guest speakers also stressed that being entertained. The first of the guests was Prof. Dr. Stating that it is Niels J. Gimsing, Prof. Dr. “Considered as one of the international connoisseurs in the field of steel bridges, Gimsing, Storebælt Bridges, Øresund Bridge, Messina Strait Bridge, Strait Bridge of Gibraltar Bridge, Stonecutters Bridge, Thailand Bay Bridge, Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach and Golden Gate Bridge provided consultancy for the world's most popular steel bridges ”.
Stating that another guest of the symposium is from China, Prof. Dr. Nesrin Yardimci, Prof. Dr. Chen Baochun's CFST (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) A special system on Arch Bridge Standard Studies and Applications (CFST Arch Bridges in China).
Turkey in steel bridges wherein the Directorate General of Highways, public authority's powers' are auxiliary explaining that supported the symposium, "Highways, both presenting papers in the symposium, both third bridge and Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge Technical navigate the site by undertaking the organization and both the symposium's keynote speakers of as a side of TUCSA ”.

Preparations completed

ECCS President and TUCSA Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. According to the information provided by Nesrin Yardimci, 36 abstracts from 170 countries were collected for the symposium and 94 papers were approved by the Scientific Committee. The papers and presentations of the invited speakers were collected in the Proceedings of the 8th Steel Bridges Symposium, which will be given to the participants during the seminar.

Throat tour for participants

  1. Steel Bridges Symposium draws attention with its colorful activities. On the first night of the symposium, the participants, who will be opened to the Bosphorus with a boat tour, will meet at the Adile Sultan Palace on the second night, Tuesday, 15 September, at a magnificent gala dinner with the participation of guests from ECCS and award-winning project authors from 13 countries. He will find the owner of the ECCS Charles Massonnet Award at the gala dinner. The award will be given to those who have contributed to the technical studies on steel structures in Europe and to ECCS's work in this direction, as in every year of ECCS. Again at the Gala dinner, Professor who served as the ECCS President twice and became the first and only female president of the 60-year ECCS. Dr. Nesrin Yardimci will also be given a plaque of gratitude. Again, a certificate of gratitude will be presented to the previous presidents and general secretaries for the 60th anniversary of ECCS.

Design awards will find the owner

  1. On September 15, the second day of the International Steel Bridges Symposium, one of the most important events of ECCS, the European Steel Design Awards Ceremony will be held. With the European Steel Construction Design Awards Ceremony, stakeholders of 13 projects from 10 countries will receive "Awards of Merit" awards, and three projects determined by the international jury will receive "Awards of Excellence". Meanwhile, in the continuation of my European Steel Structure Design Awards, organized by the ECCS, students will receive their awards from the success of projects in five countries, including Turkey. The award ceremony will be held at Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel. The "ECCS Steel Design Awards 2015" booklet containing the projects participating in the competition will also be distributed to the participants.

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