3. Bosphorus Bridge Yavuz Sultan Selim countdown

  1. Countdown in Bosphorus Bridge Yavuz Sultan Selim: 3. In the Bosphorus Bridge Project, the installation process of the slanting ropes, which are one of the two systems that will carry the bridge together with the installation of the steel decks, continues at full speed. 59 which will consist of 3 deck. The installation of the 30 segment started on the Bridge. In addition, 30 is finished in the viaducts on motorways.

The 59 will be 3 in total. The 29 segment in the Bridge was completed and the countdown was passed. The traffic in Istanbul is expected to be greatly relieved with the project, where the works on the connection roads are progressing fully.

Derrick Crane 923 Tint Pulls Up

923 tons of decks are brought to the bridge by sea and are pulled up and assembled by a machine called Derrick Crane. 3, which continues to work depending on sea wave and wind conditions. There was no loss of life in the bridge.

108 of rope is over

On the other hand, the installation of the 59 skewed rope 176, which will carry the 108, is finished. The length of the curved suspension ropes with a total weight of 8 bin 787 is varying between 154 meters and 597 meters. The bending length of the lines reaches up to 6 500 kilometers.

When finished 322 will meter

The project, which will reach the title of the longest hang bridge in the world with its height of 322 meters, will have a main opening of 1458 meters. 59 with width 3 meters. It has 8 lane highway and 2 sliver rail on the bridge.

  1. Bridge viaducts end

Finally, with the completion of the 12 of the viaduct, the 30 of the viaduct sections has been completed. 12 million 16 thousand cubic meters of concrete was poured for the 800 numbered viaduct and 2 million 126 thousand 790 kilos were produced. The viaduct 2014, which began in February at 1.5, was completed in the year. 64 viaduct has been completed in North Marmara Motorway with 17 viaduct.

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