3. bridge connection ways to explode dynamite villagers react

  1. bridge connection ways to explode dynamite villagers reacted: Sarıyer Gümüşdere village near the third bridge connecting the construction of the dynamite exploded during the construction of the windows of the surrounding houses and frames. A group of peasants gathered in front of the village headman, protesting the situation closed the road passing through the village.

According to information received, due to the construction of the third bridge connecting roads dynamite exploded this afternoon. The village of Gümüşdere near the region was shaken by the explosion. The windows and frames of many houses landed. The villagers who reacted to the situation were also gathered in front of the Neighborhood Headman. The villagers closed the road in the village, where trucks running in the construction of bridge roads also crossed the road.

Gendarmerie teams on the incident came to the action and took precautions. After the Gendarmerie officials talked and convinced the villagers, the road was opened to traffic again.

Speaking to DHA, the villagers said, “Dynamite is thrown during the summer. We are tired of going out to the street now. It happened today, neither glass nor frame remained. The foundations of the houses were shaken. Trucks working in road construction pass through the village. Our children are in danger. The psychology of our children has deteriorated. They said, "We have no life safety."

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