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Can't Leave the Station Where He Spent Years: Mehmet Duygulu, 35, who worked as a train chief at TCDD in Gaziantep and retired after 89 years, takes his longing for his profession at the historical Karkamış Train Station.

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) after he retired Karkamış residence in the old train station chiefs who continue living with her husband Mehmet soulful, yearning to eliminate scrolling through the cars of the profession.

Duygulu: - “Garda I witnessed the stories of hundreds of people. After I retired, I could not get away from the trains and the station, which are a part of my life ”.

Duygulu, 1990, the father of 5 children who retired from the institution where he worked as a train chief in 89, lives with his wife Ayşe Duygulu in the lodging at Karkamış Station.

Duygulu, who continues to rent in the residence of TCDD in order not to stay away from his profession and trains, which he has loved for years, renews his memories by visiting the historical Karkamış Train Station every morning.

Duygulu, AA correspondent said, despite the insistence of their children can not break the guard, he said.

Duygulu stated that he witnessed many life stories in the station while he was working, said:

“I come from a farmer family from Gaziantep. I worked 35 years in the railway family, which I started at a young age. I retired from Karkamış Station as a train chief in 1990. This line runs from Istanbul to Baghdad. Garda witnessed hundreds of people's stories. After I retired, I couldn't get away from the trains and the station, which are a part of my life. We continue to stay here by renting the lodging for 100 TL per month. "

Duygulu stated that her profession has turned into a passion, that they continue to live in the lodging where she spent years, and that her husband sends her off from home every morning as if "going to work".

  • "I missed the sound of the train"

Explaining that he was trying to fulfill his longing for the profession by wandering between the wagons, Duygulu stated that no flights have been organized to Karkamış Station since 2011, when the civil war in Syria started and said, “For years, we started the day with the sound of the train and ended the day with the sound of the train. Due to the known events in Syria, flights cannot be made. Nowadays it is completely silent. "I wish the station will return to its old days because I missed the sound of the train."

TCDD officials stated that the lodging was given primarily to the staff, and Duygulu stayed in the lodgings for rent after his retirement.

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