Today in History: 15 September 1917 Hicaz Railway has been sabotaged by 650 rail, 4 bridge and telegraph pole.

Today in History
September 15, 1830 The first modern railway started with the opening of the Liverpool-Manchester line in England. This was followed by railways, the construction of which was started in 1832 in France and 1835 in Germany. The railway, which came into operation in America from 1830, was built in Russia after 1855.
15 SEPTEMBER 1862 Izmir -Easasoluğ line started to serve.
September 15, 1917 650 rails, 4 bridges and telegraph poles were sabotaged on Hicaz Railway. On 19 September, Hanunda Sehilmatra Station fell into the hands of the rebels and 5701 rails were destroyed.
15 September 1935 Ergani-Osmaniye line was opened.

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