1.Ankamall Grand Ankara Classic Car Rally

📩 29/11/2018 20:51

1.Ankamall Grand Ankara Classic Car Rally: 12.Ankamall will be held on 13-1 September. Ankamall AVM is the main sponsor of the organization where classic cars will be competed.

Ankara Automobile Sports Club (AKOK), organized by the Ankara Automobile Sports Club (ANOK), which is the organizer of important races such as the Hittite Rally, contributes to the organization of the organization with its members. AKOK has an important place among classic car clubs operating in Turkey, also await contributions from surrounding cities who are members of different clubs in this race.


The contestants will start the race on Saturday with the ceremony which will be given with the protocol from Ankamall Shopping Center. The classics departing from Ankamall AVM will take the road to Beypazarı which includes fixed speed stages of the first day after taking a short city tour. The guests of the Beypazarı Municipality will park their vehicles in the historical Beypazarı houses.

The people of Beypazarı and the visitors of that day will visit the area where the classics exhibited in the district and the contestants will attend the dinner given by the Beypazarı Municipality in the Stone School. At the end of the day, the Mayor of Beypazarı Municipality Tuncer Kaplan will start again and return to Ankamall Shopping Center again.

The start of the second day will give visitors from different age groups of Ankamall AVM. After a short city tour, the contestants who will move to the town of Çubuk will be hosted by Tuncay Acehan Karagöl. After the announcement of the results, the contestants who move to Ankamall AVM in the evening will finish the day with the trophy and plaque ceremony.

Automobile tire, traffic set, Restore Engine Additive and 3D Detailing products will be given to the winners in the race.


1.Ankamall All participants who will participate in the Grand Ankara Classic Car Rally will have activated the satellite tracking system by downloading the mobile application prepared by Dece Software. The sporting authorities of the organization will be able to follow the road notes given to the contestants online via the computer where the competitors are complied with.


Celil Sipahi, Head of the Fire Department of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, informed that they will have a 1952 model fire truck at Ankamall AVM for this special event.


The main sponsors Ankamall, Turkey Petroleum fuel sponsor (TP) and the ancient garage organization is also Dece Software technology sponsor, Auto Vogue, White Hands Organization, Bilal Yüksel Otomotiv, Dumat Printing, Immigration Group, MAG, Midpoint, Mono Workshop, Print & Smile, Radisson Blu Hotel, Automotive Restore, Tuna Garage, 3D Detailing Products, Tesa Medikal Health Services, Tep Tamer Reklam, Usebox also provided support as co-sponsor.

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