3 Thousand Arab Tourists Go To Uludag A Day

3 Thousand Arab Tourists Arrive in Uludağ daily: Uludağ, which is one of the important centers of winter tourism, became the favorite of Arab tourists in summer. It was learned that 3 thousand Arab tourists come to Uludağ every day with daily tours.

Write Uludag Turkey's most important tourism places live. The average summer 3 thousand tourists a day in Uludag, the summer months are chirping. Tourists in Uludag with ropeways and tour companies, ride on the chairlift and do plenty of shopping. Gendarmerie crews who patrol the region continuously provide security for local and foreign tourists.

Bülent Erdoğan stated that the Arab tourists came to Uludağ intensively during the summer months and said ini We are doing activities with chairlifts and motors. We do whatever we can to make the tourism revitalize in Uludağ. Thanks to these activities, Arab tourists come to Uludag. Bu

Arab tourists in Turkey, Erdogan pointed out that very high money left, "they like to spend money. We entertain them without disturbing them. Now there is an open plant in Uludag. Around the average 3-2500 thousand tourists a day to peak. We're taking them to the top. We have a special park where dusty vehicles don't enter. 3 kilometers round them on the course, r he said.