The story of the train wreck of Montparnassedaki

The story of the train wreck in Montparnasse: The train, which traveled from Granville to Montparnasse station in Paris, at an increased speed by the mechanic for fear of being late and could not be stopped when it entered the station, constituted one of the most striking frames of the 19th century.

22 October In 1895, the express train from Granville to Paris seemed to be late for the destination. Hoping to arrive at the destination station on time, the engineer behind the train 131 decided to increase the speed of the steam locomotive carrying passengers.

When the train entered the Montparnasse terminal, the speed was approximately 40-60 km per hour. The air brake was either broken or too late. The conductor was probably so immersed in the documents he had in hand that he was not able to pull the parking brake in time. And the train quickly slammed into the bumpers at the end of the track, crossing the station area of ​​approximately 30 meters long and tumbling down the station walls and tumbling down to the street below.

At that very moment, a woman on the sidewalk standing next to her husband's newspaper stand died of pieces of a wall falling downwards. Five passengers on the train were injured.

This train of a period when the walls of modernity began to be tightly knit, could not hold the brakes as a result of excessive speed, and remained on the outside of the station for four days after penetrating the wall of the Montparnasse terminal. And during this time, he also attracted curious crowds.

The mechanic, who was the reason of his carelessness, was sentenced to a fine of 50 frank.

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