Drunks to be detected by security cameras

Drunkers will be detected by security cameras: JR West Railway Company will follow people who make inconsistent movements by swinging from left to right at the stop with 46 Security Cameras used at Kyobashi Train Station or who missed the trains by sitting on the station benches.

Security Cameras will not identify any passengers; However, the Security Units will be warned when detecting passengers who may be drunk. The only transportation area where drunk people have problems is not vehicle traffic.

Public transport that can be dangerous, such as Metro and Tram, can sometimes be involved in this problem. Japan has chosen to use technology to fight this issue.

It is said that the first station where the trials will be made is a very crowded transfer station. On intense hours, this stop is over two minutes by rails.

This intensity will allow for more consistent results on whether the safety measure is working. It is said that technology can be added to other stations if the pilot is successful.



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